Blackmart Alpha APK Free Download 2019 Latest Version for Android/PC

Blackmart Alpha APK is an alternative to the Google play store. It is very similar to the Google play store which contains very useful applications. Blackmart application has many applications that are free to download, unlike Google play store which requires you to pay for some of the applications.

There are multiple versions available for each application so that if one is incompatible the other version can be compatible with the mobiles or tablets with Android versions. It’s recommended over Google play store to download applications that are free of cost. It has been popular due to the quick navigation features that make it easy to handle.



Blackmart Alpha Apk Specifications

App name: Blackmart Alpha APK
Latest version: 3.04
Android version: Android OS 4.4 KitKat and above
File size: 6.12 MB
Language: English


One should manually install Blackmart APK on their device. Before doing so, you need to change some settings in your device. First of all go settings, then to security settings and enable unknown sources option and click allow.

The steps to download Blackmart Alpha APK

  • The first step is to download Blackmart APK from the website or portal
  • Store the downloaded file in your device storage to access easily
  • Now open the downloads folder and locate the downloaded file.
  • Click on the downloaded Blackmart Alpha APK and click to install
  • It takes a few minutes till the app gets installed
  • Once the application gets installed, an icon of Blackmart will be visible on your home screen
  • Now you can open the application and download the apps and games for free and enjoy its features.

Old versions of Blackmart Alpha APK

  • 2015- BlackMart, Blackmart 1.1.3
  • 2016-BlackMart, BlackMart, BlackMart
  • 2018- BlackMart, Android V1.2.5 Apk

Features of BlackMart APK

  • It is user-friendly and has easy access which makes searching and downloading of apps much easier
  • BlackMart Alpha Apk allows all the download of android premium games and apps for free
  • This BlackMart App is devoid of the registration process and signs up to use this application
  • BlackMart Apk has a huge collection of e-books, games for free download
  • It is available in multiple languages making it user-friendly all over the world
  • SD Card stores all the downloaded applications
  • The update notifications for BlackMart Apk are given timely
  • Blackmart App allows you to update old apps and games

Benefits of BlackMart Alpha APK

  • Blackmart APK is absolutely free of cost and lets you download apps and games for free and you will not have to pay a single penny to buy apps on this platform
  • No limit for download as you can download unlimited apps for free
  • The search engine lets you search whatever you need
  • No subscription problems. All the applications are free of subscription and trails
  • Its fast in downloading and installation of the application
  • There are many benefits of using BlackMart Apk but there are also drawbacks to this application
  • It’s legally fine to use BlackMart Alpha Apk but morally it comes under the act of piracy as you are allowed to download all the premium apps freely which otherwise are paid
  • The downloaded premium apps may sometimes contain malware. This malware might affect the android device and the sensitive data in the device may become the victim of hacking
  • Some apps do not get updated regularly and might cause a problem in using them
  • The advertisements running while using the BlackMart Alpha Apk might irritate the users to a large extent
  • BlackMart Apk may not be compatible with every android device

How safe is BlackMart Alpha APK?

The above drawbacks raise a concern in the use of this application as this may alter or damage the system.

  1. BlackMart Alpha Apk may damage the android device when used without caution
  2. This app consists of a lot of malicious apps and games which may harm the device in most cases
  3. The cleaning apps used for cleaning the application may, in turn, end up damaging the Android device where the cleaning apps contain malicious scripts.

Before using Blackmart application make sure to read the reviews of particular application or game that is to be downloaded from BlackMart Alpha Apk. If you think it can indefinitely damage your device it’s better to opt out of downloading the application.

FAQ’S about Blackmart Alpha app

1. Is it legal to use?
You can download the app for free and use all the premium apps and games for free. It is legal to use worldwide
2. Which devices can allow Blackmart Alpha APK?
It is compatible with Pc, Windows, Android, IOS, and MAC
3. Does android allow Blackmart Alpha App?
Yes you can download Blackmart Alpha APK in android devices
4. How long does it take to install?
It is a click away to download and install the app. It is much easier and faster
5. How can we avoid malware from Blackmarket app stores?
We cannot say that it is 100% safe as google play store but you can avoid malware from the Blackmart Alpha APK by downloading some antivirus software which can protect from most of the attacks. Use these apps or games cautiously.
6. Is Blackmart App ad free?
The premium apps downloaded are free but the advertisements and pop-ups are the means they make money off. Some times by clicking these advertisements may land up in malicious content.

The benefits definitely outweigh the risks. So while using Blackmart APK, it is important to be cautious of what you are downloading. Be cautious of the advertisements that pop up. If saving money is the option to get those premium apps then Blackmart dwells high on any other application in the world. It’s legally safe to use in most of the devices making it one of the popular applications.